A Living History Commemoration of the

Battle for Bennington at Walloomsac, NY
August 12 & 13, 2017


Clothing & General Appearance Guidelines


In order to promote as accurate a picture as possible of the troops who served at the Battle of Bennington we are asking participants to observe the following:


  • All rebel troops should attempt to appear as New England & New York militia. With the exception of those portraying native Americans, frontier/native dress is strongly discouraged; this includes hunting shirts with fringe, beads, and a general "buckskin" appearance.

  • British line units should attempt as much of a campaign look as possible. Ideally this would include shortened coats, cut down caps, gaitered trousers, etc. Loyalist troops should also effect a campaign appearance. German troops, however, should keep to their normal uniform and kit.

  • Participants are encouraged to shave mustaches (German troops excepted) and beards, as being clean shaven was the normal 18th century custom.

  • While in period clothing, please avoid the obvious use of anachronisms such as: cell phones, cameras, cigarettes, wrist watches, non-period glasses, sunglasses, and plastic items which could be visible to spectators. Do feel free to bring your camera or cell phone, but please keep it in a pocket or out of sight when not in use and try not to be too obvious when taking photographs. Also mute the ringer on your cell phone.
  • For safety and authenticity purposes clothing should be of natural fiber such as wool, linen or cotton. Polyester, nylon, Velcro, fringe or other manmade fabric present a safety hazard and should not be worn.

  • Any accoutrements such as Company pins, logos, nameplates or any other paraphernalia not authentic to the period must not be worn.

  • Women and children should also attempt to be dressed appropriately for rural life in August 1777. Please, no sleeveless “bodices”, 19th c. calico prints or “shower caps”. For more detailed information please refer to the BAR Women’s Clothing Guide.